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Cusco Type-RS and -MZ differentials

Cusco limited slip differentials for professional motorsport use. These are definitely not the cheapest, but are top quality products which are also fully serviceable.


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Cusco LSD

Japanese high quality from 1977. Cusco differentials fit excellent for racing purposes, but can be used in street aswell.
Cusco does not inform directly ramp angles, they mention 1-way, 1.5-way and 2-way types, which mean types of ramp angles. All differentials have availability for service and spare parts.

Type-RS LSD: Intial torque is absorbed by the RS springs therefore the intial torque comes on gently, which is better option for street use.
Type-MZ LSD: MZ springs are stronger as it uses cone plates and responses LSD better, as the friction is lower. Recommended for racing purposes.

We recommend MZ-models for racing purposes and RS models as compromise for "street racers". Oil for Gripper LSD is recommended to use for example Red Line or Amsoil 75W90 or 75W140 differential oil which includes needed proper additives for limited slip differentials. The viscosity of the oil can be the same as the original.


If you need more specific information regarding to differentials and properties read our: Differential 101

Cusco LSD features

  • Linear grip in all conditions
  • Differentials are available for service
  • Japanese high quality

  • Other useful stuff:

  • Amsoil differential oils
  • Amsoil Slip Lock additive
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