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2017-09-22 12:00:00 by
The wheel season has mostly ended for summer cars, but its never a bad option to get wheels for the upcoming summer or the winter tires. We have wide range of wheels available, Ultralite, XXR, Buddy Club, Evo Corse and Japanracing.

Japan Racing TF-2 wheels:
Stylish 8-spoke lip wheels, 15" x 7.5" ET10 4x100 + 114 pcd or ET30 4x100 + 114 or 108 pcd.
Wheelset includes fittings and delivery to destination: 585,00 €

Color options: Gold, black, red or white.

Japan Racing JR-3 wheels:
"One fits all" style 6-spoke wheel, looks good on nearly every car. This model is available in many colors, pcd and ET.

For example 18" x 8" ET30 matt black 4x108/114 or 5x114/120 pcd, delivered to destination with fittings 750,00 €

Color options: Bronze, Black chrome, Blue, Dark grey, black, gold, green, silver, orange, white, yellow.

XXR 527 wheels:
Stylish 10-spoke wheel, 18" x 8.5" or wider with most common pcds.
For example: 18" x 8.5" ET38 Flat matt black wheel set including delivery to destination: 795,00 €

Color options: Black, Bronze, Silver, gold and "habanero orange".

Custom wheels are also available from Japan Racing for specific pcd, ET and color. Ask more from sales about custom wheels. (wheels available for customizing from Japan racing wheelmodels).

Special prices only available from sales, ask for discounted price for other models too.

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