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From this category you will find high quality alloy wheels with different specs and sizes. Alloy wheels are available from Rotawheels, Advan, Buddyclub, Drag Wheels, Evo Corse, Ultralite, XXR and Japan Racing brands.

Eibach Prospacer on sale from 88.04 €

Eibach Prospacer
Eibach Pro-Spacers are an excellent pair to go with Pro-Kit or Sportline lowering springs and when the wheel looks lack "it". Spacers will bring out the wheels by the amount of their thickness. Spacers increase track width, and help reduce body roll and increase stability while cornering.

Alloy wheels

You'll find wheel brands like Rota, Advan, Buddy Club, Drag wheels, Evo Corse, Ultralite, Japan Racing and XXR rims in the webshop. Please ask our sales for any special models not listed in the shop.

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