Weekly offer: D2 Air suspension -100€


Lets put the D2 air suspensions -100€ in our weekly offer!

D2 air suspension is the choice when elegance, comfort and adjustable height is your thing. You can change the car height while driving and thats very useful when you drive in different conditions.

There is four different D2 air suspension model available: Basic, Deluxe, Gold and Superpro. All the air suspensions are nowdays also very much mot-compatible.
»» Race: D2 Air suspenions

Other news this week

We got the Smartvan LED lights in our webshop on Monday, these will replace the old low power lights in your van!

»» Race: Smartvan LED lights

We got the Eibach bolts and nuts updated earlier in this week, now you can search the right bolt or nut easier that before!

»» Race: Eibach bolts updated

Have a great weekend!
-Race.fi / Riku