Weekly - 10 % on all spare parts


This week our weekly is the biggest one at least comparing by individual products which are discounted. All regular spare parts - 10 %

In case you didnt know, we also sell regular spare parts from all major wholesalers. This range includes a ton of products like bearings, body panels not to mention suspension, brake and engine parts. Spares are already very decently priced, and now we're taking a 10% slice off for this week.

Orders over 100€ are delivered free of charge to Finland, and orders over 400€ for free to Europe. Ordering & asking for parts is easy, just tell us what you need and what for, and we'll take care of the rest!

»» Race: Spare parts.

Tunermeet 9.8.
We have been having a few tuned cars meets at our warehouse this summer. They are nice evenings for both us and our visitors. We've had 1500hp Corvettes, beautiful US cars with big veeEights, fast Japanese imports as well as cleanly built european cars.

The meet doesnt really come into question for non-finnish customers, but in case you want to see some images of the last few meets, take a look below =)

»» Tuned cars meeting 9.8 @ Race.Fi

Other news this week

A properly sized fuel system is one of the cornerstones for a good car. We have tons of fuel system hardware on the shelf!

»» Race: Fuel system parts

Lots of RVS and oils came insto stock.

»» Race: Lots of RVS and oils came into stock

Have a good weekend! Race.Fi / Ari