Great stocks on RVS annd Castrol


Both Castrol Magnatec and Edge oils as well as RVS treatments are in stock in big quantities.

We wrote a little about RVS treatments on friday already. We also made sure that all normal-size kits are also in stock now that RVS products are on the weekly promotion.
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Our oil range has grown at a steady pace, and we can now happily announce that most Castrol oils in 1 and 4 liter packages are readily in stock. Our stock covers most viscosities of the Edge and Magnatec families, as well as a selection of transmission and differential oils.
Check out the oils here:
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If - and as far as racers are considered, when - you want to do things the proper way, we also have these great K&N oil filters. They keep oils clean and free of clog for a long time. They are naturally also thought a little further than regular filters: most have a hex-nut on top which makes removal a walk in the park. No more slipping your hand shoulder-deep in the engine bay!
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