Lots of fuel system parts in stock


Needless to say, we have a ton of fuel pumps in stock as they are probably one of the cornerstones in building a high performance build.

Fuel pump ranges can be separated into two main categories. Internal and external pumps.
Inarguably, the top seller in internal pumps is of course the Walbro 255 internal fuel pump which comes as a model-specific kit or an universal kit to fit cars not on the list. This is the pump which is in it's self a part of many "tuning reciepes".

The same internal pump range also has Aeroflow fuel pumps which are identical to the Walbro 255 in physical appearance but provide up to 340lph flowrates. All aeroflow pumps have cheramic internals, and the bigger versions are also suited for E85 use. We also have the Walbro E85 and 400lph models in stock.

External range includes the Bosch 044 fuel pump as well as Walbro and Aeroflow external models.

The webshop range covers the needs of most tuners, and if not, we can also get some monster pumps if you think none of the above are enough.

The complete pump range can be found here:
»» Race: fuel pumps

In addition, our stock also covers a Race.Fi adjustable fuel pressure regulartow and a 8mm universal fuel filter which has been selected to provide, lets say, enough flow =). We also carry branded products like Turbosmart if you feel like investing a little more into fuel delivery.

All pumps and products are authentic, and they are covered under warranty. The pump, and fuel system in general, likes a clean tank. Properly washing the tank and taking care of proper wireing in case of a pump ensures the sytem is reliable and wont fail prematurely. Our S13 with a walbro runs the same pump for 10 years - with a clean tank and proper wires of course =)