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Race.Fi bypass valve, hose fitment DV3 from 59.00 €

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Race.Fi bypass valve, hose fitment DV3
An affordable bypass which can be installed as a bypass to recirculate boost to the intake pipe, or as atmospheric.Fitting diameter is 25mm. The kit includes a set of springs which enable you to adjust how easily the dump opens. It is also possible to fine-tune the opreation with shims.We also have other Race.Fi dump valves, Turbosmart dump valves as well as turbochargers and intercoolers.
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Race.Fi dump valves

A dump valve?

A dump valve namely dumps excess pressure from the turbo pipes when the throttle body closes. Without a dump valve, the air does the same as a wawe in a bath tub: it bounces back. When air starts flowing in the wrong direction through the turbocharger, it can makes a nice chattering sound but in addition can seriously harm the turbocharger.

A bypass is the same as a dump with the expection that a dump frees the air into the atmosphere, and a bypass is connected to a hose which runs past the turbo back into the intake pipe.

Our Race.Fi dump valves are selected from a few factories to offer very affordable valves for the everyday tuner.