Rota wheels now in our webshop!

This week, Rota wheels was added in our webshop with product descriptions and model specific pictures. Rota is one of the leading brands in the market and you can find just the right wheels almost for any car.

Rotas wheel range covers a wide range of rims, basic 5-spoke models or more rigid models designed especially for off-road use. Rota alloy wheels are available in different bolt patterns, colors, offsets and widths. Spigot rings, center caps and nuts/bolts are always included in the shipment for free.

Yesterday, the wheels selector was released which make searching the wheels much easier, especially if you have bolt pattern, offset and/or width in mind. With wheel selector its possible to check only with wheel brand, but because of the large amount of wheels in the webshop, filtering for example with bolt pattern can be quite smart. The wheel selector is now in beta stage, but will be announced officially in no time - we recommend testing!

All Rota alloy wheels from here:
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Have a great weekend!