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Heat control!

2017-06-07 14:55:41 by
Mishimoto radiators are THE bolt-on solution for preventing overheating. In a Mitubishi Evo VI a simple swap to a Mishimoto radiator dropped temperatures by 3 degrees.

Mishimoto offers a wide range of bolt-on radiators. Additionally we have made an excel sheet with exact dimensions in case your application is not directly on the list.
The sheets also offer detailed information about core & overall sizes as well as the locations of hose connections.
»» Race: Mishimoto radiators
»» Race: Mishimoto radiators measurements

Electric high-flow fans are also available from 8 to 16" sizes. They can be used either in front or behind the radiator.
»» Race: Mishimoto electric fans

To finish things up, bolt on silicone coolant hoses are available. In addition to great looks, the hoses can withstand more pressure and heat compared to traditional rubber hoses.
»» Race: Mishimoto silicone radiator hoses