OBP - Optimum Balance Products, updated range


A new listing of hydraulic handbrakes and pedalboxes by Optimum Balance Products now in Race.Fi webshop.

Pedalboxes and model specific sets for replacing brake cylinders
A pedalbox replaces the original pedals and enables brake balance adjustments. Pedalbox also eliminates the brake booster, which normally increases driving safety, but may proof deadly hazardous in racing cars should the engine stop working.

Different models of pedalboxes are available for installation in the firewall or the bottom of the car, for fluid and cable clutches and traditional or electric accelerators. The assortment includes universal kits and for some popular models also a semi bolt-on kit shaped to fit the bottom and firewall of the car.
The model specific sets, which replace original booster and cylinder, are a sensible solution when you want to adjust the brake balance, but still keep the original pedal. This also comes very close to bolt-on solution, although the brake lines need of course to be made anew from the cylinders on.

Choosing a pedalbox is made easy with dropdown lists, same as choosing a hand brake. You can make your choice for the kind of installation you want, the type of clutch etc., to find a match according to your requirements.
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Hydraulic hand brake
OBP hand brakes are available with one or two cylinders, two handle lenghts (280 mm and 600 mm), and with a handle either horizontal, vertical or in 45 degree angle. You will easily find the right product with the help of a dropdown list: choose the number of cylinders, lenght of handle etc. so you can skip going through a list of about 100 products.

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