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Weekie: Amsoil products -10%

2020-06-05 11:25:39 by
From Amsoil oil and additive selections you will find just the product that goes for your car. Let's put the Amsoil -10% discount in our weekly offer. Most common Amsoil products are in stock.

Amsoil is an oil and additive manufacturer founded in 1972 with more than 40 years of experience. There are many different additives and oils for every purpose from a car to a lawn mower. Oils and additives are made from high quality materials and they always guarantee the best performance regardless of the circumstances.

Amsoil additive range covers largely the same type of products as the Red Line, but for example in Amsoil Diesel additive has a useful Cold Flow feature, what Red Line does not have. Cold Flow prevents freezing and the formation of wax crystals what is typical in Diesel engines and lowers friction temperature of up to 15 degrees. The most popular additives and oils will always be found directly from stock.

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