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Smooth and low car with D2 air suspension

2020-02-06 16:09:19 by
Nice lowering and excellent comfort with great adjustments. There are four different kits: Basic, Deluxe, Super Professional and Gold.

D2 air suspension kits offers a comfy ride with great adjustmets at any time. Air suspensions has the same shock absorbers that in coilovers, so they also have the 36-step damping adjustment which gives the opportunity to adjust it just right.

What D2 air suspension kit includes?
- Air tank, compressor and pressure switch.
- Valves & control panel. Some models have a remote control unit.
- Air struts
- Air hoses and connectors
- Install instructions & misc. hardware.

D2 air suspension kits are fully road legal here in Finland with our approval document. Approval can be asked from our sales and we can send it via email or print it to you here. We also have a wide range of spare parts for air suspension kits available such as lower mounts and sensors as the D2 air suspension kits are not for one time use only.

D2 Gold air suspension kit:

D2 air suspension kits in webshop:
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