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Osram LED bulbs are now in our webshop!

2019-11-08 11:58:26 by
During this week, we have added lots of Osram LED bulbs in to our webshop and now there is plenty of them available. Check all new LED bulbs from this topic or directly from

The Osram LEDriving product family has found its way into our webshop and LED bulbs are now available for replacing headlights, indicators and interior lights. A CANBUS wiring harness is available for bulb systems to get the burned-out bulb light out of the instrument panel (the LED consumes so little power that the car's test system interprets that the bulb is broken).

Delivery times are not overwhelming, in practice they will be available the next working day and of course we will start stocking up on all the popular models so they can be picked up from us even right away. We also have listed Osram LED fog light kits, which are suitable to most cars due to its universal mounting.

Invoice options at
Collector: up to 60 days of intrerest fee free payment time. 2.95€ invoice fee. Available online.
Jousto: 14 days payment time, 2.90€ invoice fee. Available online.
Mash: atleast 14 days payment time, no fees. Available in store.
All payment types can be changed into part payment. More info about payment types: Payment types

Have a great weekend!
- Riku / Race.Fi