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Spare parts, Page 1
We carry a ton of different spare parts & OEM supplies. You are welcome to make an inquiry from our spare parts page: Spare parts inquiry form

Light bars for licence plate mounting from 23.70 €

3item(s)from 23.70 €
Light bars for licence plate mounting
An universal head light support for two headlights. Mounts behind a licence plate.Fits cars where the licence plate is not in a deep "pocket", framed, or in a place where the bumper wont allow lights to be installed above the licence plate.Black models are plated aluminum with a 50mm or 75mm mounting flange. Also available as Stainless steel with a 50mm mounting flange.Measurements Width 490 mm Height 87 mm Space between light mounting holes 310 mm
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Vinyl gloves for garage use from 9.00 €

1item(s)from 9.00 €
Vinyl gloves for garage use
Vinyl gloves are a handy way to keep your hand clean in the garage. They are available in S, M and L-sizes.Handling small parts like connectors and bolts is easy thanks to a thin material. It is just like not wearing gloves, but your hand stay clean.The gloves are disposable, and can tolerate a small amount of gasoline. If you're not sure which size to choose, select the L-size. Roughly S = childen, M = ladies and L = guys.
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