Turbocharger gaskets for Garrett and Holset

Garrett and Holset turbocharger gaskets for inlet, outlet and oil fittings.


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Turbogaskets T25, T3 ja T4 flanges

Metal gaskets. These are used without glues on install paste on clean surfaces. T3 and T4 turbo gaskets are available for twin scroll and single inlet.

T25 inlet40 x 73.5mm38.5 x 49.5mm
T3 inlet44 x 86mm47 x 66mm
T4 inlet70 x 86mm53 x 78mm
Oilreturn gasket HX3551.5mm20.5mm
Holset HX35 super outlet63 x 63mm64mm
Holset HX35/40 outlet6 x 101mm62mm

These are stocked in our shop.

To ensure a good seal we recommend using Copper locking nuts. While you're at it, you might also need some Exhaust gaskets.


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gasket_turbo_holset_hx35_super_outlet Gasket Turbo Holset hx35-40 outlet
Holset hx35 super outlet gasket
12.00 €/ pcs
gasket_turbo_holset_hx35_hx40_outlet Gasket Turbo Holset hx35-40 outlet
Holset hx35-40 outlet gasket
12.00 €/ pcs
gasket_turbo_holset_hx40_super_outlet Gasket Turbo Holset HX40
Holset hx40 super outlet gasket
12.00 €/ pcs
gasket_turbo_oilreturn_garrett Garrett oil return gasket
Oil return gasket garrett t25 / t28
2.00 €/ pcs
gasket_turbo_oilreturn Holset oil return gasket
Oil return gasket hx35 gasket
2.00 €/ pcs
gasket_turbo_t25_outlet Gasket Turbo T25 outlet
T2 outlet gasket
12.00 €/ pcs
gasket_turbo_t25_inlet T25 Inlet gasket
T25 single gasket
12.00 €/ pcs
gasket_turbo_t3_inlet T3 Inlet gasket
T3 single flange gasket
12.00 €/ pcs
gasket_turbo_t3_inlet_divided T3 Inlet gasket divided
T3 twin scroll gasket
12.00 €/ pcs
gasket_turbo_t4_inlet T4 Inlet gasket
T4 single gasket
12.00 €/ pcs
gasket_turbo_t4_inlet_divided T4 Inlet gasket divided
T4 twin scroll gasket
12.00 €/ pcs

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