More power with Holset turbochargers

With Holset turbocharger or chargers (of course it's possible to mount two) you can get more power whether its petrol or diesel engine. Most common models are usually in stock.

The top of the turbochargers range is Holset and more precisely the HX35 series. For example, the Holset Hx35 Super 8cm2 wakes up comfortably from underneath and will always twist right to the end. The 8cm2 hose is suitable for most 1.6 - 2.0l engines, for bigger configurations. Holset has a 16cm2 that can be used for the bigger engines. There are also plenty of flanges and gaskets available for most Holset models in stock.

The Holset turbos can be bought in water cooled or oil cooled model, both have their own good points - oil is easy to do but with water you may find a bit more efficient cooling. The Holset turbochargers are always supplied with a gasket kit, so they do not have to be included to the shopping cart unless you want to grab a few pieces for "bad days". For more information and help with turbochargers, feel free to e-mail us or what's best for you! We are also the official Holset dealer, so all Holset products are genuine.

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