Castrol and Red Line price drop

We checked Red Line and Castrol oil and additive pricing, the result was that now the prices are more better than yesterday. Bigger order amounts and better shipping prices show directly in customers price.

Red Line and Castrol prices dropped today, especially stock items are much cheaper in webshop and also in our store. From Castrol, we have took especially motor oils, of course we sell differential and gearbox oils as well, but more less than Red Line. From Red Line we stock and sell mainly only differential/gearbox oils and fuel/engine additives as they sells the most. For example from Red Line we have lots of 75W90NS differential oil and Si-1, 85PLUS and Water Wetter additives. Anyhow, even the Red Line has some items that does not sell that good so we have added them in our outlet list even with -60% discount.

Castrol and Red Line in webshop:
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