Holset turbochargers in stock

We have sold many Holset turbochargers and we decided to take the most popular model in stock. Other Holset models we can get usually for next day.

Holset has correct turbo for any need, for example HX35, HX40 and HX50 of which Holset HX35 with 12cm2 sells the most. HX35 is a great upgrade for any engine between 1.6-2.0l and gives a great low end torque, very popular in Nissan SR20DET engine.

Almost any turbo its possible to choice water or oil-cooled version, oil-cooled is easy to install but we sell water cooled almost as much. Beginning of this we we took most sellest turbo model in stock and other Holset products can be ordered usually even for next day.

Holset turbochargers in webshop:
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