More light for Autumn with Cibie and Bosch high beams

2018-10-01 15:48:03 by
More light for the darkening Autumn with Cibie LED or Bosch halogen high beams. The more powerful beams gives over 500m spotlight.

We have normal halogen lights from Bosch and super powerful LED lights for a bigger light need from Cibie which will light the whole city in the dark if needed. LED lights also uses much less power than normal halogen lights, but LED lights are of course usually bit expensive than normal halogen lights. There is a lot of statements from both and ultimately the need for beams and the budget is what matters, fortunately there is a suitable high beam for every need. Cibie Led beams are suitable for any 12 an 24v systems.

All high beams can be delivered in few days to our store or to the nearest Posti / MH pickup point. As a novelty, today we added 20 "long LED panel with wiring harness to the webshop, the price is appropriate and there is enough power for sure!

New legal changes from Trafi in Finland!
As a result of the law change this week Monday 28 August 2017 Trafi changed the regulations regarding the high beams - now its possible to put also a odd number of lamps, so installing "Swedish style" is allowed. In installation combo cars own lights + 3 extra beams is legitimate, but there is a need to keep in mind the reference ratings, which means that the reference number can not exceed over 100.

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