Turbosmart: Price updates

Turbosmart wastegates and manual boost controllers just got some pretty decent price updates. Check these out!

A turbo-winter is clearly coming. If not for snow, at least judging from the sales of turbochargers =)

Keeping an eye on the market, in addition to the recently updated Holset turbocharger prices we just refreshed pricing on the Turbosmart wastegates and manual boost controllers.

The updated products are:
»» Turbosmart 38mm Ultra Gate
»» Turbosmart 40mm Comp Gate
»» Turbosmart 45mm Hyper Gate
»» Turbosmart Boost Tee
»» Turbosmart In-Cabin boost controller

Holset turbo prices were also updated a while ago. The whole range was checked through, and a new oil-only HX35 super was also added. It is otherwise the same as a traditional water+oil HX35 super, but is only oil-cooled and is thus a great turbo for applications where water cooling is hard to arrange.

Holset turbochargers in the shop:
»» Holset turbochargers