Turbosmart bleeds, Page 1

Turbosmart bleeds, Page 1
Australian top-notch technology without compromises. Turbosmart bleed valves are made with the best materials available.

Starting from the very popular and reliable simple bleed, up to all-electronic control systems.

Turbosmart eBoost2 boost controllers from 682.00 €

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Turbosmart eBoost2 boost controllers
The most versatile and most professional electronic boost controller.Turbo Smart eBoost2 controls the charging pressures watch closely all the way over to the bar until 4. This is not a unit of vertical.The unit adjusts the pressure of many different characteristics with, it also controls where necessary, eg. Water injection, nitrous oxide, or accessory pressure, RPM, speed, etc. On the basis of. The device takes care of all essential pressures which even remotely related.Diameter: 60mmThe adjusta
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Turbosmart In-Cabin boost controllers from 124.00 €

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Turbosmart In-Cabin boost controllers
Turbo Smart In-Cabin boost pressure A unique ball-valve structure decorated with Turbo Smart in-cabin boost pressure. This construction allows the pressure to rise quickly to set the value of bypass leakages and does not cause pressure rise. Remains exactly swinging without direction or the other.This valve is accompanied by a series connection and pipes, which allow you to adjust the pressure from the cab, even while driving.
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