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D2 coilovers: value for money

2017-08-22 16:20:16 by
D2 suspension kits are the best coilover kit in the price category for every car.

D2 coilover kits have been in the market long time and have got lots of credit from the customers, specally Street series. D2 is fully height and damping adjustable coilover kit for all year use and can be modificated according to weather conditions. The height adjustment is perfect - you can lift your car up for the winter and lower it back for summer.

We also have a large range of D2 spare parts in our stock like shock absorbers and springs. If you treat D2 well it can easily be a liftime suspension kit, because you can get basically everything in spare parts from springs to top mount nut. We also stock most popular D2 sets in our warehouse, actually we just got few Toyota and BMW kits in our stock.

D2 shortly released a video clip about its factory, check it out:

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