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Race.Fi short shifters -10 % 28.4. - 5.5.2017

2017-04-28 13:25:34 by
Short shifters have been the word of the week as new models came in to stock. New models are available for the BMW E90 series for example, and they are being test fitted at the moment so we know that what we sell works. The rest of the models however are on promo for the next 7 days.

If you're not interested in a career of a bus driver, a short shifter is the way to go so theatrical full-arm shifts are reduced to a comfy wrist action shift.

Shifters are available for euro- and jap models, and there are several hundred boxes straight in our own stock. Normally priced 49€, these are now on offer at 44,10€. While you're at it, you could also do an RVS treatment and change some fresh tranny oils to ease shifts.

Check out the shifters and other products here:
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New products this week

Mishimoto oil catch cans are not just any can: they can be opened without any tools and have an internal baffle plate and filter which means they keep the intake system clean of oil mist resulting in a cleaner burn.

»» Mishimoto oil catch cans

ACL oil pumps are a firm choice like ACL's bearings. The pumps are available in stock ratings and high performance models which offer more flow.

»» ACL oil pumps

Have a great mayday! Race.Fi / Riku