RVS treatments

RVS treatments for engine, transmission and differentials. Makes ceramic surface on worn out metal surfaces.


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RVS provides a wide range of engine treatment for all types of engines and machinery. We supply specialist greases, individual Engine oil additives and fuel treatment which restores moving worn out parts to a reusable conditions and economising fuel consumption.

RVS treatment is a form of ‘NANO Technology’, which takes place at the atomic level, which uses the mechanical friction generated by engines or machinery and the microscopic metal particles present in your lubricant, whether it be oil or greases, and atomically re bonds these particles back into to the main metallic structure, thereby rebuilding and returning the surface structure to its original state.

- A strong CERMET surface - extremely hard and very smooth

RVS Master treatment creates a ceramic and metal surface, CERMET { meaning ceramic and metal bonded together} which is harder and smoother than the original metal structure. CERMET also has a Rockwell rating of 320 (metal = 90; diamond = 420). It is not a separate layer but an integral part of the metal structure.

Under operating conditions the CERMET surface produces far less heat and friction and which allows mechanical machinery, equipment and engines to run more efficiently.

- An increase in mechanical efficiency and engine compression,
- Reduction in friction, fuel consumption, noise, vibration and exhaust emissions.
- Longer life span in mechanical machinery or engine.


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Below is a listing of all RVS treatments. G4 for example is for a max. 4 liter gasoline engine, T3 for a max. 3 liter (oil capacity) manual transmission and so on.
rvs_ts125 RVS 125cc 2stroke
Rvs 2-stroke treatment, 125cc
19.90 €/ pcs
rvs_ts500 RVS 500cc 2stroke
Rvs 2-stroke treatment, 500cc
59.90 €/ pcs
rvs_t6a RVS T6A Transmission
Rvs automatic transmission treatment, 6l
69.90 €/ pcs
rvs_t8a RVS T8A
Rvs automatic transmission treatment, 8l
99.90 €/ pcs
rvs_chainsaw RVS Chainsaw treatment
Rvs chainsaw treatment
19.90 €/ pcs
rvs_d40 RVS D40 diesel
Rvs diesel engine treatment, 40l
349.90 €/ pcs
rvs_d4 RVS D4 diesel
Rvs diesel engine treatment, 4l
59.90 €/ pcs
rvs_d6 RVS D6 diesel
Rvs diesel engine treatment, 6l
79.90 €/ pcs
rvs_d8 RVS D8
Rvs diesel engine treatment, 8l
119.90 €/ pcs
rvs_dip3 RVS DIP3 Injection pump treatment
Rvs diesel injection pump kit
39.90 €/ pcs
rvs_g2 RVS G2 4 stroke
Rvs gasoline engine treatment, 2l
24.90 €/ pcs
rvs_g4 RVS G4 4 stroke
Rvs gasoline engine treatment, 4l
39.90 €/ pcs
rvs_g6 RVS G6 4 stroke
Rvs gasoline engine treatment, 6l
59.90 €/ pcs
rvs_g8 RVS G8 4 stroke
Rvs gasoline engine treatment, 8l
89.90 €/ pcs
rvs_gip3 RVS GIP3
Rvs gasoline injection pump treatment
39.90 €/ pcs
rvs_gun RVS Gun treatment
Rvs gun treatment
19.90 €/ pcs
rvs_mcchain RVS Motorcycle chain treatment
Rvs motorcycle chain treatment
22.90 €/ pcs
rvs_p2 RVS P2 powersteering
Rvs powersteering treatment
25.90 €/ pcs
rvs_premium_universal_oil RVS Premium universal oil
Rvs premium universal oil
14.90 €/ pcs
rvs_gel11 RVS Professional GEL11
Rvs professional gel 11 (50 x g4)
1659.00 €/ pcs
rvs_gel14 RVS Professional GEL14
Rvs professional gel 14 (200 x g4)
6299.00 €/ pcs
rvs_sgrea RVS Synthetic grease 400ml
Rvs synthetic grease, 400ml
149.90 €/ pcs
rvs_t3 RVS T3
Rvs transmission treatment, 3l
39.90 €/ pcs
rvs_t5 RVS T5 Transmission
Rvs transmission treatment, 5l
59.90 €/ pcs
rvs_ugrea RVS Universal grease 400ml
Rvs universal grease, 400ml
129.90 €/ pcs

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