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Bilstein B12 Pro-Kit and Sportline suspension kits -10 %

2017-03-10 12:52:29 by
The best fixed-lowering kit is on promo this week. Eibach B12 bits combine Bilstein B8 shocks with Eibach Pro-Kit or sportline springs.

One way to see whether a product is good is to check whether customer buy it again. Eibach B12 kits are just like this. Many customers get a kit for their new car as well which tells us only one thing: people are very happy with their B12 kits.

B12 kits come in two versions:

B12 Pro-Kit
» Bilstein B8 shocks.
» Eibach Pro-Kit springs.
» Lowering approximately 35 - 25mm.

B12 Sportline
» Bilstein B8 iskunvaimentimet.
» Eibach Sportline springs.
» Lowering approximately 50 - 30mm.

The springs are Eibachs lowering springs which are probably known to everyone. Bilstein B8 shocks are specially designed for use with a spring kit: they are about 30 mm shorter and have a slightly firmer damping meaning they dont bottom and work very well with a lowering kit. The kits also include dustboots and bump stops.

Check out the kits here:
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Other news this week

We went through the inventory again, and the clearance section is now updated. There are lots of items which for some reason didnt go sell as planned. Now we're giving them a slight nodge to make room for new stock.

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