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Turbo-offer: Holset tubochargers -10 %

2017-02-24 14:29:58 by
If you've been wondering and pondering about a Hoslet turbocharger, this is the time to get one!

On our weekly offer this week are all Holset turbochargers with a discount of 10 %. Ranging from the HX35 to HX55 there's a turbo for everyone from small 4-bangers to big V8 engines.
All Holset turbochargers (actually all orders over 400€) are shipped free of charge in the Eu.

Check out the models and order from the webshop:
»» Race: Holset turbochargers.

Other news this week

Finding the correct oil is always a small adventure. We listed all Castrol oils one page where you can simply select the viscosity and spec.

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Turbosmart products are both stocked a lot, and offer great and reliable solutions for boost control, wastegates and dump valves.

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Have a great weekend! Race.Fi / Ari