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Weekly offer: All Powerflex bushes -10 %

2017-02-10 14:26:28 by
Since suspension sets are this weeks thing, we decided to up the bets a bit with an offer on Powerflex bushes to definitely make good offers!

Powerflex polybushes are relatively easy to update when changing other suspension parts like coilovers. Good bushes ensure a smooth and balanced ride when all aspects are up to date. Powerflex bushes are available in street versions, and race versions which are very hard and only recommened for track-only cars.
Polybushes offer an undebated benefit: They replace worn rubber bushings with relatively the same price, still insulate noise and last as long, or even longer than rubber bushes.

Check out the bushes here. You can use the dropdowns to select your car to show only the bushes you need.
»» Powerflex puslat

MOther news this week

We wrote about why you should get a kit instead of just springs or coilovers. Here are some example prices for popular models.

»» Suspension kits

Amsoil is coming strong on the market for performance oils and is on a -20 % initial offer promo until sunday.

»» Amsoil oils on offer -20 %

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