OBP Hydraulic handbrakes in 2017


OBP hydraulic handbrakes were just relisted and we dropped off some odd models to keep things in a simple form in 2017.

OBP, as in Optimum Balance Products makes a bunch of performance stuff from which hydraulic handbrakes and pedalboxes are the most important ones.

Hydraulic handbrakes
- Vertical, horizontal or 45-angle handle.
- 280 or 600mm handles which can be shortened.
- Single and dual cylinder models.

Handle length and angle are matters of opinion, but the number of cylinders is good to explain. Older cars usually have a single brake line to the back, so they can use a single cylinder model. On newer cars with two lines, a two cylinder model is needed.

Pure track & rally cars are usually converted to a single line to minimize connections and keep things simple, so a single cylinder model is the way to go as well.

In street cars ABS brakes are usually a requirement in road use when the car is inspected, so converting to a single line is not possible. In road use, the original handbrake is required to stay along the hydraulic one in some countries as a hydraulic brake system tends to start slipping if it's left pressurised for a long time.

The OBP handbrakes are found here. As there are many models, you can filter them by cylinder count, lever type, etc.
»» OBP hydraulic handbrakes

In addition to the handbrakes, we've also got some other brake-related stuff you might want to take a look at:
»» OBP padlboxes

»» OBP brake line lock
To completely shut off a brake line, in burnouts for example.

»» OBP brake bias valve
For fine tuning brake balance / bias.

»» OBP pedalboxien irtosylinterit & tarvikkeet
Separate cyliners are available in .625", .7" and .75" sizes. These are for pedalboxes and handbrakes, and fit several other brands as fittings are pretty universal. Measurements in the link as well.

»» JBrake fluids
Castrol, Black Diamond and Red Line brake fluids.