HKS turbotimers available


In the last weeks we have taken a look back and looked at our roots, more specificly those proven and tested products. What would be a better example of such a gadget than a genuine HKS turbotimer. In fact, basically all Japanese performance brands are available from us, as we're very well connected in Japan.

HKS turbotimers are those real and original things, as HKS actually made their first turbotimer in 1983. 33 years ago. The simpe idea has remained: allowing the car to idle for a while without the key, then shutting it down allowing the driver to go get his pizza, and that expensive turbo to cool down slowly preventing damage to it.

The Type-0 timer has all those basic functions what makes it such a great product. It doesnt have additional modes to play with, which makes it the ideal and fool-proof product. A type-1 turbotimer adds some quartermile measurements as well as different rpm and speed related measurements to the package, but keeps the basic functionality the same.

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