HKS turbotimer Type-1


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HKS's Type-1 turbotimer includes all the basic turbotimer functions from HKS type-0 and adds features like auto-timing mode, vehicle speed and RPM display and a two-stage shift light.

The Type-1 also adds a 1/4 mile timer and lap timing functions. MPH and KPH can be selected as units.

  • HKS Part # 41001-AK010
  • Compatible with all Turbo Timer Harnesses from HKS
  • Backlit LCD with blue back light
  • Black Display Case (H:22.5mm/W:89.5mm/D:13mm)
  • Black Control Unit Case (H:80.0mm/W:69.0mm/D:21.0mm)
  • LCD Display size (W:41.5mm/H:11mm)

    Timer modes:
  • Auto Mode (0-5 Minute Setting)
  • Manual Mode (0-10 Minutes)
  • Memory Mode #1 (1 touch, 1 Minute Setting)
  • Memory Mode #2 (1 touch, 3 Minute Setting)

    Voltage Display:
  • Peak Value Indication
  • ON/OFF Warning Function
  • Battery Voltage

    Vehicle Speed Indication modes:
  • Vehicle Speed
  • Speed Warning Function
  • Peak Speed Hold Value

    Engine RPM Indication modes:
  • Engine RPM Warning Function
  • Display in either MPH/SAE or KPH/Metric
  • Engine RPM
  • Peak Engine RPM Hold Value

    Metric Distance Time modes:
  • Acceleration Time (0-100km/h, 100-150km/h)
  • Auto or Manual Start for Quarter Mile Function
  • Acceleration Distance (0-100m, 0-200m, 0-400m)
  • Section Time (200-400m)

    SAE Distance Time modes:
  • Total Elapsed Time
  • Lap Times
  • Acceleration Distance (0-60 foot, 0-1/8 mile, 0-1/4 mile)
  • Auto or Manual Start for Quarter Mile Function
  • Stopwatch Tool Time Measurement

Harness chart / additional info (HKS page, in english): here

If you want a basic turbotimer without thes type-1's additional features, check out the HKS Type-0 turbotimer.


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hks-41001-ak010 HKS Turbotimer Type-1
Hks type-1 turbotimer
199.00 €/ pcs
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