Recent 18.3.: Our operations remain normal

Race Performance continues to work normally

2020-03-19 10:17:00 by
From the customers and partners point of view, our business will continue as normal.

We have moved on 18.3. from decentralized operations, minimizing the risk that we are working as part of the same infection chain from the point of view of business performance and customer safety and of course the spread of national disease. There is one person in our shop and the others are working from home.

Tuner meet in April has been canceled
We will return to the usual rhythm of tuner meets when the national situation permits. Currently the tuner meet in April has been canceled and the May's event will be decided upon as when the situation becomes clearer.

Our shop pays special and regular attention to hygiene.
- Disinfect the payment terminal, door handles and other frequently contacted surfaces.
- Disinfect the packing table and equipment to ensure safe shipments.
- Personal hygiene such as hand washing with emphasis.

You can visit in our shop normally. Customers are also provided with a hand disinfectant that we ask you to use.

Customer service, telephone, and email are all running normally. However, we ask for contacts primarily via email as in decentralized operations only one of us is at the phone at a time and the same person is also responsible for packing the packages. The response time of emails is reduced.

Parcel traffic works normally Parcel services operate normally both in Finland and abroad. Therefore there are no prospects of zero availability and our stock is also at a good level at the moment.

Deliveries for people in risk group If you or a family member is at risk group (over 70 years old, lung disease or other significant risk factor), we will provide free home delivery in Finland. The order can be ordered normally and the home delivery price (Posti 14) will be refunded when it's mentioned in the order details. We do not ask anyone for ID or certificates, but at the same time we do wish that the people at "non at risk" has a self respect not to use targeted assistance specifically for those people in need.

Overreacting or not?
We hope that this is an overreaction, but at the same time we are afraid that it's not. In any case we do our bit and take care of our ability to operate - it is in everyone's best interest.

Willem van Schevikhoven
Race Performance Oy