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It's time for spacers

2017-03-22 15:20:13 by
A certain sign for spring is the sudden peak in spacer sales. It's here and now!

Eibach spacers are available model specificly, which means that all you need to know is the car you drive. The bolt/nut thread is also in the product details in case you dont know what it is. For you who know exactly what you want, spacers can also be filtered by their thread/width/size etc.

Bolt-on spacers come with shallow bolts/nuts to fasten them on the hub, and the wheel is then attached with the original fasteners.
Bolt-through spacers dont come with longer bolts, so they might be needed separately. Luckily the thread is present in the listing, and we also sell a comprehensive range of Eibach bolts, nuts and studs:
»» Eibach wheel studs
»» Eibach wheel bolts
»» Eibach wheel nuts

And of course the spacers them selves:
»» Eibach wheel pacers

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