Race.Fi aerocatch style, Page 1

Race.Fi aerocatch style, Page 1

Race.Fi bonnet locks


Race.Fi locks are a cheap alternative to branded locks, and are tested to be good quality. We usually have a ton of these in stock.

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Race.Fi hood/hatch locks from 59.00 €

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Race.Fi hood/hatch locks
Aerocatch style hood locks (pair) In race cars being able to completely remove or open the hood from outside is important for safety and pitwork, and in some cases compulsory in class rules.The lock is opened by first pressing the smaller lever, then rising the longer lever. Closing is done by pushing down the longer lever.Installation The locks are mounted on the hood with six chamfered bolts, and fastened from below with nuts. The counterpart, the shaft, is mounted in the engine bay, and it's length i
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