Cusco remmiahdinsarja, GT86 / Brz


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Linear Acceleration Similiar to a 3.0liter engine.

* Non-intercooled kits available
* Completely bolt on. No Modifications necessary.
* Increased torque similiar to that of a 3.0liter engine.
* Twin screw type supercharger.

Power Data
Over a 30% increase in power output as compared to factory figures with plentiful torqueband that is usable in dynamic range of conditions.

* Cusco supercharger kit
Peak power: 208ps / 7400 rpm >> 32.4% gain over factory.
Peak torque: 24.6kg * m/5600rpm >> 43.0% gain over factory.

* Factory stock
Peak power: 157ps/6700rpm
Peak torque: 17.2kg * m/6200rpm

Cusco supercharger kit / non-intercooled type

Application: Toyota86(ZN6), Subaru BRZ(ZC6) Manual / Automatic transmission.

Kit contents:
- Supercharger body
- Inlet pipe
- Throttle body extension wiring
- Air pressure sensor assembly
- Air pressure sensor extension connector
- Silicone band
- Idle pulley
- Idle pulley bracket
- Drive belt (6pk-2615)
- O ring intake manifold assembly flange
- O ring throttle body assembly
- Vacuum switching valve assembly
- Bolt Clip

**ECU modification not included with kit. ECU MAP calibration (fuel,ignition) required after installation.

May require additional components depending on varying conditions of vehicle setup.


cusco_965-720-b Cusco Supercharger kit Toyota 86/Subaru Brz
Cusco supercharger kit toyota gt86 / subaru brz
4990.00 €/ sarja

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