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Race.Fi Nissan SR20DET Red Top intake manifold on sale 218.40 €

Race.Fi Nissan SR20DET Red Top intake manifold
Nissan SR20DET Red Top intake manifold. A better flowing intake manifold for the Nissan 200sx SR20DET Red Top engines. This manifold is high-volume upgrade to the original manifold. Most EU cars come with the Black Top engine, so please check your cars original manifold and our SR20DET Black Top manifold as well to be sure.The stock idle control valve will fit. The kit also includes hoses and adapters for installation. Runners should be ported according to the gasket.Throttle body diameter is 65mm with a 6

Race.Fi Toyota 2JZ-GTE intake manifold 261.50 €

Race.Fi Toyota 2JZ-GTE intake manifold
Toyota 2JZ-GTE intake manifold. This is a kit intake manifold which converts the original manifold to a better flowing version. The original manifold is cut, and the flange (included) is welded on to allow mounting this manifold.The kit includes hoses, the flange and adapters for installation. Throttle body PCD 85x85mm with 81mm diameter. The Race.Fi 80mm billet throttle body is a bolt on unit.You might also be interested in billet throttlebodies and Mishimoto intercoolers.

K&N intake kits on sale from 133.00 €

K&N intake kits
K&n air intake kits K&N air intake kits work in both real life and tests. They offer an easy and effective way to gain an improvement and are a basis for more performance.K&N 57i air intake kits also include a suction tube, and features include:Well more power and acceleration, eg. 53 PS more 2007 Shelby Ford Mustang GT500 model. Includes a washable, conical K&N Performance air filter. Easy to install. K&N Million-Mail Limited Warranty ®The air filter cleans air the engine needs to burn fuel, but t

Mishimoto constant tension t-bolt clamps from 8.02 €

Mishimoto constant tension t-bolt clamps
Mishimoto jousitetut T-pultti kiristimet ovat omiaan varsinkin tehokkaimissa kokoonpanoissa pitämään silikoniletkut paikallaan. Jatkuvassa jännityksessä oleva T-pultti kiristin mahdollistaa huomattavan kovan pidon kovassakin rasituksessa.Klemmareiden kokotaulukko 1.25" = 31mm 1.5" = 38mm 1.75" = 44mm 2" = 50mm 2.25" = 57mm 2.5" = 63mm 2.75" = 70mm 3" = 76mm 3.5" = 89mm 4" = 101mm