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Quaife Citroen Saxo / Peugeot 106 (MA Gearbox) 5-Speed Synchromesh Gearkit

Quaife 5-speed synchromesh gearkit for Citroen Saxo / Peugeot 106 (MA gearbox)


Quaife citroen saxo / peugeot 106 (ma gearbox) 5-speed synchromesh gearkit 

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Quaife 5-speed synchromesh gearkit for Citroen Saxo / Peugeot 106 (MA gearbox)

Helical cut gears, Quaife close ratio or GpN homologated. Runs with standard final drive. Suitable for MA gearbox types.

Technical specs

Available gear ratios
GearClose ratioGp N hyväksytty

The webshop price includes the basic gear kit. Most kits have options available and can for example be treated with the REM sperfinishing process. Please ask our sales for any questions and/or addons if you have anything on your mind!

REM Superfinishing

Upgrade your gearkit, gearbox or CWP with REM superfinishing to give a much smoother surface finish to the gears.

This high polish surface finish produces a smooth surface that not only allows for more even lubrication of the entire gear, but also reduces friction between meshing parts, thereby reducing heat and wear on the part, and increasing the longevity of your gearkit or gearbox.

This is an essential upgrade for anyone looking to improve the performance of their gearbox or differential and get the most from the transmission.

Gearkit and transmission types


Quaife's range of Clubman and heavy duty H-pattern synchromesh gearboxes retain the standard synchromesh engagement parts from the original gearboxes, and offer optimised gear ratios for motorsport to make the most of the power and torque from the engine in any given gear.

Dog Engagement
These are the next progression from a synchromesh gearbox, and are for those looking to decrease the time spent shifting gear by removing the necessity of operating the clutch for each gear change. Many of these dog boxes still use the same ratios as the synchromesh boxes.
The ability to shift gear without using the clutch reduces the time spent off the power and allows drivers to get back on the power sooner, resulting in faster overall race times.
Shifting with a dog box is different to a synchro box in that gear changes need to be fast and positive rather than slow and smooth.


For those looking for the ultimate in fast gear changes, our range of sequential gearboxes is the logical progression from H-pattern gearboxes, offering ultra-fast gear changes through use of Quaife's proven drum change technology.
These sequential gearboxes are fully compatible with flat-shift ignition cut systems to allow full throttle gear changes, so unlike an H-pattern dog box, where lifting off the throttle is required, gear changes can be made with no noticeable interruption to power delivery.


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Quaife citroen saxo / peugeot 106 (ma gearbox) 5-speed synchromesh gearkit
3406.00 €/ kit
✔ Delivery time 10 - 12 working days.

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