Mishimoto downpipe, Ford Mustang 2015+ Ecoboost

Model specific downpipe, Ford Mustang 2015+ ecoboost. Available with or without cat. Material stainless steel.


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  • Direct fit for the 2015+ Ford Mustang EcoBoost
  • Fits with both manual and automatic transmissions
  • Extremely aggressive turbo and exhaust tone under acceleration and boost
  • 304 Stainless Steel 2-piece design allows for uninterrupted exhaust flow and an easy installation
  • Includes stainless steel 2-bolt mounting flange to the turbo
  • 76.2mm exhaust diameter for maximum flow
  • Additional wideband O2 sensor bung for aftermarket wideband sensors
  • Mates with the stock cat-back exhaust or any aftermarket exhaust with a 57mm mid-pipe
  • High flow catalytic converter (optional)

  • Note:
    This product fits both stock and automatic transmissions, there are no additional parts needed for automatic transmission fitment. This downpipe cannot be used with the stock ECU programming. The customer must retune the vehicle's ECU after installing the downpipe. Power gains will vary depending on the type of ECU tune that is applied to the vehicle, and other supporting modifications that are installed.

  • Fits 2015+ Ford Mustang EcoBoost
  • Engine Codes 2.3L EcoBoost
  • Chassis Codes S-550

  • 304 Stainless Steel

  • 200 Cell Spun Metallic Core

  • Diameter 76.2mm from Turbo to V-band
  • 76.2mm tapering to 57mm and the end of the exhaust adapter
  • Flange Material 304 Stainless Steel
  • Pipe Material 304 Stainless Steel

  • Purchase Includes
  • (1) Stainless Steel, 2-piece downpipe with floating 2-bolt flange, slip joint connector, and V-band flange
  • (1) High Flow Catalytic Converter (optional)
  • (1) 76.2mm Slip Joint Clamp
  • (1) 76.2mm V-band Clamp
  • (1) 76.2mm to 57mm exhaust adapter (for use with stock exhaust or most aftermarket cat-back exhaust with a 57mm mid-pipe)
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    Mishimoto downpipe, ford mustang ecoboost 2015+
    497.00 €/ set
    Mishimoto downpipe, ford mustang ecoboost 2015+ with cat
    603.00 €/ set

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