Beisan Double Vanos repair/seal kit BMW M52TU, M54, M56

Beisan Double Vanos repair kit comes with all the new seals required, made from uprated OE+ materials.


Beisan systems double vanos seal kit 

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Here it is, the Beisan double Vanos seal kit. BMW's original seal material deteriorates at worst in less than 50tkm. The Beisan kit comes with uprated seals which will last the practical lifetime of the car.

A failing Vanos results in poor idle, hard takeoffs, loss of low-end power and overall loss of power. The M52TU engine can experience idle hiccups as well.

The kit will fit the following double Vanos cars:
BMW 6-cyl engines: M52TU, M54, M56, 1998-2006
  • 3-series E46 98-05
  • 5-series E39 99-03
  • 5-series E60 & E61 02-05
  • 7-series E38 98-01
  • 7-series E65 & E66 02-05
  • Z3 E36 98-02
  • Z4 E85 02-05
  • X3 E83 03-06
  • X5 E53 00-06

  • Our sales will provide you with instructions, and all other parts you might be needing, like the Vanos housing gasket and valve cover gasket which you should at least replace at the same time. In case you're having Vanos rattles as well, we also carry the Beisan double Vanos rattle repair kit.

    An other typical fault in BMW M52/M54 engines is the intake manifold DISA. We also carry the Vaico BMW OE DISA valves.


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    Beisan systems double vanos seal kit
    74.90 €/ set

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