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Turbosmart WG50 Pro-Gate 50mm Lite waste gate

New Turbosmart Pro-Gate 50mm lite external waste gate with a new lighter and smaller design.


Turbosmart wg50 pro-gate 50 - lite hp 35psi blue 

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Turbosmart WG50 Pro-Gate "lite"
The Pro-Gate50 Lite is a new external wastegate that combines big wastegate flow and performance in a compact and lightweight package. It is ideal for applications where performance of a larger wastegate is required but space for turbo components is at a premium, such as aftermarket turbo kits, and for racing applications where every gram counts.
The Pro-Gate50 Lite features a 50mm valve matched to a compact cap, secured with Turbosmart's unique locking collar allowing for quick spring changes, and a heat shielded, nomex-reinforced diaphragm for excellent heat resistance.

Suitable for high performance turbocharged engines with an external wastegate turbo system. Suits 2.00” outside diameter tubing. Fits older-style Pro-Gate48 and Power-Gate50 flanges.

Supplied With:
Inlet and Outlet Stainless Weld Flanges, Inlet and Outlet V-Band Clamps, 1/16 NPT Hose Barbs (5mm), 1/16 NPT Port Blanking Plugs, Locking Collar Tool, Valve Seat, Brown/Purple 7psi Middle Spring (installed).


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Turbosmart wg50 pro-gate 50 - lite hp 35psi blue
793.00 €/ pcs
✔ Delivery time 1 - 14 working days.

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