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Snow Performance Diesel Boost Cooler Stage 3 TD MPG-MAX water injection kit

The latest development of our successful stage 3 Diesel system is the only system on the market, which positively impacts the fuel consumption and emissions in all load ranges.


Snow performance boost cooler stage 3 td mpg max kit 

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Snow Performance Stage 3 TD MPG-MAX water injection system
The new digital 2D control unit was designed to reduce the specific fuel consumption in almost all load ranges.

The MPG-MAX control unit variably controls a small boost cooler nozzle through the entire power curve. This increases combustion efficiency which in turn results in more power, without increased fuel consumption.

Fuel economy is improved due to better combustion efficiency. Normally, the improvement in fuel economy ranges within 5-15 % depending on the vehicle, driving style and operation (e.g. tractor unit).

Dual Stage Technology (DST)
The Stage 3 TD MPG-MAX system has a 2nd output to control another, larger nozzle with a separate mapping (“Power Mode”).

The activation point of the second nozzle can be adjusted separately to achieve the best performance results.

The net effect is smooth power in all engine load states with no combustion quench resulting in a true turn-on-and-forget system.

Boost Cooler Stage 3 MPG-MAX - tested by the U.S. Department of Energy and confirmed to be effective!
In cooperation with the U.S. Department of Energy, the Boost Cooler Stage 3 MPG-MAX was tested for fuel economy and emissions.
We tested the Boost Cooler in the renowned National Renewable Energy Laboratory; the test engine was a 2012 winner at Cummins ISL345 as a turbo diesel engine with particulate filter (DPF).

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Snow performance boost cooler stage 3 td mpg max kit
949.00 €/ pcs

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