Snow Performance Boost Cooler Stage 2 1.8T/Roots water injection kit

Our recommendation for all engines with K03/K04 turbocharger or compressor (Eaton etc). The injection volume is optimised through the 0-5 volt air mass sensor signal to ensure the best results.


Price (incl.vat) 150.00 - 569.00 / pcs ✔ Available in 5 - 25 working days.
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Kit specifications
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Water Methanol Injection 101 with Snow Performance

Understand Water Methanol Injection with Snow Performance

Reservoir upgrade kits

9.5, 19 and 26.5 liter upgrade kits are available to reduce the need to refill the water/methanol reservoirs constantly.


sp30125u Snow Performance 19l Trunk Mounting Kit, Modular
19l modular mounting kit
279.00 €/ pcs
sp30121u Snow Performance 26.5l Trunk Mounting Kit
26.5l trunk mounting kit
180.00 €/ pcs
sp30120u Snow Performance 9.5l Trunk Mounting Kit
9.5l trunk mounting kit
150.00 €/ pcs
sp10226 Snow Performance Boost Cooler Stage 2 1.8T / Roots
Boost cooler stage 2 1.8t / roots kit
569.00 €/ pcs

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