Viseeo MBU-3000 bluetooth adapter

Bluetooth phone adapter Mercedes Benz cars without UHI conntector (cars up to 2005) for using smartphones. Easy to install and use in all Mercedes Benz cars.


Viseeo mbu-3000 bluetooth adapter up to year model -2005 

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Viseeo MBU-3000 bluetooth adapter for Mercedes-Benz non-UHI-connectivity cars

Installing MBU-3000 is very easy. Simply take out your old Nokia phones and place it inside one of the 6150, 6210, 6310 or 6310i holder (fixed holder) that comes with you Mercedes original phone system (for D2B; if you have an UHI system please check out our MB-4 which is specifically designed for UHI system).

You car phone system will instantly upgrade to a powerful Bluetooth phone system that allows you to pair with the latest smart phones such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X or Blackberry.

ViseeO MBU-3000 in short.
  • Bluetooth upgrade adaptor for German luxury vehicles.
  • Color LED indicators.
  • Powered by extremely powerful CK5050+ Bluetooth Module.
  • Bluetooth 2.1 (Downwards compatible with 2.0/1.X version) + EDR.
  • Multiple pairing for up to 4 phone devices.
  • HSP (Handsfree Profile).
  • Fast phone synchronization.
  • Digital signal processing for noise reduction and echo cancellation.
  • SBC decoder/encoder for Audio Connectivity via Bluetooth.
  • Microphone volume dial.
  • Dummy antenna for Nokia 6150 cradle.
  • Compatible with Mercedes original phone kit with Nokia 6150, 6210 or 6310/6310i holders.
  • Bluetooth Firmware upgradeable via Bluetooth.
  • Operating software upgradeable via upgrade cable (included).
  • Plug and Play.
  • Phonebook Type Management Indicator.
  • Dial and Receive Calls from Mercedes Comand Console.
  • Wireless SIRI Activation for iPhone Users.
  • Upload 256 or 400 phonebook entries to the Mercedes Comand console (depending on the type of console and software settings on MBU-3000 and each MBU-3000 can receivep to 1500 entries per upload however console can only display a limited number of them). MBU-3000 offers Phonebook type management function which can let you select your desired phonebook entries to be loaded into to your console.

  • If your car has an UHI connector, check out the MBU-4 version for UHI -cars.
    Here's what an UHI connector looks like:


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    viseeo_mbu-3000_adapter Viseeo MBU-3000 Bluetooth Adapter
    Viseeo mbu-3000 bluetooth adapter up to year model -2005
    260.50 €/ pcs

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