Amsoil accesories

Amsoil pouring products for amsoil cans.


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Amsoil handpump

Amsoil handpump is pump that will be fitted to oil bottle. This helps to add oil to hardest locations, for example tranmission or differential.

Amsoil flexible pouring spout

Amsoil flexible pouring spout is good and easy product which helps puring oil to correct place, when the oil filling pipe is on hard area.

Amsoil pouring spout cap

Pouring spout cap.


amsoil_g2039 Amsoil Bottle hand pump
Amsoil bottle hand pump
28.14 €/ pcs
amsoil_g1230 Amsoil Flexible pour spout
Amsoil flexible pour spout
3.20 €/ pcs
amsoil_g1242 Amsoil Nozzle dispenser caps
Amsoil nozzle dispenser caps
0.62 €/ pcs

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