Amsoil Dominator Coolant Boost additive

Increases heat transfer ability and decreases the temperature by up to 14 degrees. Protects from corrosion and halves the heating time on engine.


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Amsoil Dominator Coolant Boost increases the heat transformation while lowering the temperature of coolant liquid by 14 degrees. Halves the engine heat up time and protects from corrosion. Includes many graduated surface-active materials which makes it work on high scale heat area.

One bottle is enough for 16 liters of coolant liquid. For racing purposes with only water, 1 bottle for 8 liters of water. This product doesnt slipper the racetrack, so it is allowed on asfalt tracks.


amsoil_rdcb Amsoil Dominator Coolant Boost
Amsoil dominator coolant boost
17.90 € 19.90 €/ 473 ml

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