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Amsoil greases

Water-resistant, artic, racing and multi-purpose greases from Amsoil.


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Amsoil Dominator Racing Grease

Dominator Racing Grease is made for racing purposes on high RPMS, high temperatures and loads. Minimizes friction and wearing. Maximizes powerline efficiency and is working on wheelbearings, draft joints and chassis joints. For all kind of racing, snow, water, ground and asfalt. High VI synthetic oil + litium komplex decker + one of a kind additive package = extreme temperatures working grease which minimizes power loss. NLGI 2, GC/LB.

Amsoil Multi-Purpose Grease

Multi-purpose is synthetic general grease which lowers friction and wearing on high RPMS and temperature components, for example car wheelbearings, draft joints, steering joints, ball joints, bushings, chassis joints and winch. Synthetic oil with kalsiumfonat complex decker. NLGI 2, GC/LB.

Amsoil Water Resistant Grease

Water Resistant Grease is water vaseline, as name water resistant grease. Wards off flushing and corrosion. Maximal protection for marine trailers bearings, outboard motors, draft joints, ATV and similiar fits for other that are exposed for water, snow or mud flushing effect. Sticks tightly to metal, and protects from korrosion. Synthetic oil and kalsiumfolnat complex decker. NLGI 2, GC/LB.

Amsoil Artic Synthetic Grease

Artic Synthetic grease is for extremely cold circumstances. Works fine in -59 to +157 degrees. For heavy car and engine use on artic circumstances. Excellent pumping ability on cold weather, mechanic stability and wear off protection in circumstances where basic greases dont work. Synthetic oil and calsiumfonat complex decker. NLGI 1.


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Amsoil arctic grease
11.20 € 12.40 €/ 425 g
Amsoil dominator racing grease
18.90 € 20.99 €/ 397 g
Amsoil multi-purpose grease
12.80 € 14.20 €/ 397 g
Amsoil water-resistant grease
13.50 € 14.95 €/ 397 g

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