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Cibie Mini Oscar led lights 145 mm / 5.6"

Cibien 5.6" LED-high beams available separately or as a high beam kit including harness.


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Cibie Mini Oscar Led -series 5.6" add-on high beams offer LED technology with light power range up to 340 meters. A very small reference, 12.5 per unit, allows various installation configurations. Mini Oscar Led is it's series smallest unit designed for passenger cars and 12 volt systems.

Also available in full-chrome and base paint from our sales.

Cibie Oscar Led add-on lights techincal info
  • Diameter: 145 mm / 5.6"
  • Reference rating: 12.5 / pcs
  • Light output: 560 lumen / 75000 cd
  • Beam length: 340 m
  • Beam width: 35 m
  • Voltage / power: 12v, 14W
  • Approvals: ECE / SAE / CCC

  • LED technology ensures reliability and a long operating age with minimal power consumption.

    Available separately or as a kit.
  • Idividual lights include the light and a protective cover.
  • A kit includes two lights, a proper harness, fuse and relay.

  • Reliable lights

    The new Oscar LED range offers add-on lights you can trust. The products offer good value for money, and safety is always ensured. The lights fulill most standards like ECE, CCC and SAE approvals.

    Cibie lights will last. Here are a few ways they are tested
  • Waterproof: The unit is subnmerged in 30 cm of water for one hour. (Four 15 minute periods).
  • Extreme conditions: The unit is kept in 63°C tempeature for 500 hours.
  • Corrosion proof: A 400 hour salt spray test in 35°C temperature (ISO 9227 standard).

  • Check out the Cibie LED head light introduction video.
    (You might want to reduce volume. The video is a bit loud.)

    Cibie pdf catalog: Cibie led headlight catalog (pdf, opens in a new window).
    To mount these, we also have a nice add-on head light mounting bar


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    Mini oscar led 145mm 2pcs kit, black chrome
    529.00 €/ kit
    229.00 €/ pcs
    Mini oscar led 145mm, black 2pcs kit
    497.00 €/ kit
    245.00 €/ pcs

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