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Dräger 3820 alcotest / brethalyzer

Dräger Alcotest 3820: Accuracy for over 60 years, measurement used by police.


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Dräger is the global market leader for alcohol breathalyzers for consumers and professionals for over 60 years. Alcotest 3820 uses the same technology as models used by police forces around the world.

Continuous development for over 60 years has made Dräger and their Alcotest 3820 breathalyzer the number one choice when precision and reliability is needed.

Whether your're a consumer or a professional driver, nasty suprises can be avoided by using the Dräger alcotest 3820. Dräger is a quality product made in Germany.

Dräger Alcotest 3820 tech specs

  • IP52-protected. Water and dust resistant - ideal for storage in your car.
  • Made in Drägers factory in Germany under strict quality control for precision instruments.
  • Backlit 32x22mm LCD display.
  • -5..+50C usage temperature.
  • Built-in CR123A-battery is sufficient for 1500 measurements.
  • Memory for the last 10 measurements and settings.
  • Dimensions 50x133x29 mm.
  • Weight 130 g
  • Delivered with a protective bad and three extra mouthpieces.
  • Dräger breathalyzer introduction video


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    299.00 €/ pcs
    Dräger alcotest 3820, mouthpieces (5pcs / package)
    13.00 €/ pcs

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