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Black Diamond brake hoses clearance

Black Diamond braided brake hoses, stainless steel.


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The braided hose kit will give the final touch to the cars brakes and remove most of the balloon-like effects from the pedal. No-one likes to drive a car with a pedal which feels like an old football, the braided hoses are the cure to this.

How braided hoses work

When you press the brakes the pressure in the brake lines increases. This pressure will try to expand the brake hoses like a balloon. Traditional rubber hoses will expand quite a lot - you can actually try this by having a friend press the pedal while you are holding a line.
The braided hoses are more resistant to the pressure, and thus they don't expand. This results in more pressure going to the actual braking and in a considerably better feel on the brake pedal.

Going to do the brakes? Why not upgrade to braided hoses at the same time!

Black Diamond

Black Diamond products in the shop
Black Diamond
The British brake brand Black Diamond is one of our top selling brands. Black Diamond produces brake discs, brake pads, braided brake- and clutch hoses as well as organic, kevlar and sintered clutch kits. Black Diamond gets it's name from the black phosphate treatment, which adds corrosion resistance and offers a great surface for further treatment.
Black Diamond products in the shop


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Black diamond brake hoses, subaru forester (sf: 1997 - 02 / sg: 2002 - 2006), 2.0 turbo & non turbo with rear drums, brake lines: 4
41.55 € 83.10 €/ set
Black diamond brake hoses, subaru impreza, 1993 - 2000, 2.0 non turbo with rear drums, brake lines: 4
33.80 € 67.60 €/ set
Black diamond brake hoses, toyota celica supra (ma61), 1982 - 1985, 2.8i with line locators, brake lines: 6
61.70 € 123.40 €/ set
Black diamond brake hoses, toyota corolla (ae82), 1985 - 1988, gt 16v fwd, brake lines: 4
44.60 € 89.20 €/ set
Black diamond brake hoses, vw golf mk4 gti & vr6 without banjos 98-03, 6 lines
37.20 € 74.40 €/ set

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