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Thermostatic sandwich plate, Mishimoto


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A thermostatic oil sandwich plate prevents oil from cooling too much in daily driven cars, and helps the engine to heat to operating temperature quicker.

Thermostat opening temperature 85 °C.
Height approx. 30mm.
O-ring (compare to oil filter O-ring) diameter 61mm.
Two 1/8NPT sensor fittings.

Flanges are available with M20 and M22 threads. The sandwich plate is installed under the oil filter. Before opening temperature, the sandwich plate routs oil only through the filter, and after opening temperature oil flows through the filter and oil cooler.

We also carry different Mishimoto oil cooler thermostats. In addition you can also check out our oil cooler cores, oil filter relocation kit and oil cooler kit without a thermostat.


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Mishimoto sandwich plate with rear-mounted thermostat m20 x 1.5
139.00 €/ pcs
Mishimoto sandwich plate with rear-mounted thermostat m22 x 1.5
164.00 €/ pcs
Mishimoto thermostatic sandwich plate m20 x 1.5
139.00 €/ pcs

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